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  • Use one or multiple filters (controls) above to search for items in the SRSV Archives collection.
  • Hover over controls for more information and/or instructions on how to use each filter.
  • To search by location it is recommended to use the Geographic filters (rather than just Title search filters).
  • Location search accuracy will depend on whether items have been correctly assigned regions, lines and/or locations (/between), etc.
  • !!! Hitting the Clear search button will reset all search filters (controls).
  • Search results will appear in this section when the Submit search button is hit.
  • If no filters are chosen, the default search results will be the most recent 100 items added/modified on the site.
  • A maximum of 100 search results will be returned.
  • A search can be refined by modifying or adding filters.
  • Some items will have more that one search result, eg. a catalogue entry for the digital item (copy), and also a catalogue entry for the record.
  • Selecting the row of a search result item will display more details.
  • For best results use Google Chrome as the browser.
Icons shown in search results
  • Clicking on icon will launch the associated image from Google Drive (SRSV wide format scans).
  • Clicking on icon will launch the associated image/file from Google Drive (other digital items).
  • Clicking on icon will launch the associated web link.
  • Results showing icon are catalogue record entries only (usually part of a series).
  • Results showing icon represent a physical object in the archives collection.